Areas of Focus

I offer individual, couples, family, and group therapy, and I specialize in working with folx struggling with the following issues: *Chronic depression and/or anxiety *Eating disorders that intersect with an overcontrolled coping style *Social and emotional loneliness and/or isolation *Trauma (relational and/or specific events) and grief and loss for those with overcontrolled-leaning coping styles *Personality and coping styles related to the following personality disorders - Obsessive Compulsive, Avoidant, Paranoid, Dependent, and Schizoid *Overcontrolled coping styles that get in the way of meaningful connection and valued goals (e.g., hyperperfectionism, excessive self-control, chronic people-pleasing, rumination and overthinking, rigidity)

Evidence-based Psychotherapy

My approach to therapy is collaborative, culturally and identity responsive, trauma-informed, and utilizes evidence-based strategies that support creating and sustaining an authentic, meaningful, and connected life. Click the link below to learn more about evidence-based treatment, Radically Open Dialectical Behavior Therapy, which was developed for individuals struggling with problems of overcontrol, such as those listed in the Areas of Focus.

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RO-DBT Skills Classes and Group Therapy

Virtual Weekly RO-DBT Skills Class Offerings: Mondays @ 2p-3p PST: for transitional age youth to young adults who identify as having neurodivergence Wednesdays @ 12p-1p PST: for adults Serving folx residing in CA, OR, and MA Email or call to learn more and/or register.

Family Reunification Therapy

I offer family reunification therapy with Sage Family Reunification. Specifically for those seeking family reunification therapy, parent coordination, individual therapy that focuses on skillfully addressing issues that may get in the way of reunification, and related services, including mediation and custody evaluations, please click the link below.

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